Beautiful Rural City In Sri Lanka


Walapane is located in the Nuwara Eliya district. In the past Walapane named as Wathumulla. Located one hour north of Nuwara Eliya. And two hours southeast of Kandy. There are plenty of stunning views in the area. Furthermore, the area features magnificent tea plantations. And picturesque mountains will catch your breath. These are just a few of the attractions that you can enjoy. Hence, it is popular with local and international tourists.

Tea Estate Walapane

The tea estates in Walapane started during the 1880s. Therefore, the region has an long history for tea production. Walapane internationally renowned for higher grade tea. There are endless hours of bird watching. Waterfalls are a key highlight. Kurundu Oya waterfall considered as the second highest waterfall. Due to its location it is not very popular. These are some of the beautiful recreational activities. All these enjoyment comes in a cooler climate. Thus, the perfect place for the outdoor and indoor activities. Hence, Walapne is a place to visit.

Andawela Water Falls in Walapane
Andawela Falls

Japanese Peace Pagoda in Walapane is a another key attraction. Located top of a mountain nearby the town. It is a must visit place if you are in the area. Hence, it is the best place that you can have a panoramic view. This Buddhist stupa was created to inspire peace. Since World War II Japan has built many of them.

Randenigala reservoir was built in 1982. It is a multi complex project.

It provides  hydroelectric and agricultural benefits for the country. The project chiefly consists of the construction of a 94 m.(308 ft) high, 485 m.(1590 ft.) long Rock-fill dam across Mahaweli, created a reservoir of 860 million cu.m. (697,000 ac.ft.).

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