A Visit to Kurundu Oya Falls

Travel Date – 26 January 2016

A Traveling gang called “Wanagatha Kollo” in Sri Lanka did a trekking and hiking tour to Kurundu Oya Fall in January 2016. Here is their story.

This tour was planned in a long weekend. Many were planned to participate to this hike, but only some of them finally made it due to variouse reasons.

The journey started from Kandy around 7 am the gang hired a Van to accomodate 8 people gang. The group travelled to Walapane via Adhikarigama. The travellers explained the roadside view of the Randenigala Reservoir is fantastic and we couldn’t resist stopping to take photos of few places for better camera angles. read more


Cycle tour by Claus Jepsen from Denmark

Travel Dates – 08 February 2014 – 09 February 2014

Claus Jepsen from Denmark completed a cycling tour in Sri Lanka. His tour root included Walapane. Claus Jepsen finished his tour on 15 March 2014 and travelled 2,725 km around Sri Lanka from his cycle. The root related Walapane started from Mahiyanganaya -> Keerthibandarapura -> Walapane -> Ragala -> Nuwara Eliya on 7 and 8 February 2014. Below is his story.

Claus tour continued from Kandy, where he headed to Mahiyanganaya via A26. Claus passed Mahiyanganaya and turn to Walapane area from highway B474, then joined to B492 Kandy Badulla Raja Mawatha B492 on his “Koga” cycle. After riding some good KM one of the Koga cycle tire went flat. However, luckily there was a little tire repair centre near by where the tire was repaired. Then he continued the tour. Next landmark Claus passed was Rantembe reservoir before reached to Randenigala where he spent some time around the dam area. Rntambe and Randenigala are man made water reservoir to generate hydro power. Afterwards Claus headed to Keerthibandarapuara further towards Kandy on highway B492. By this time it is 7 February afternoon he was really tired. He decided to stay near by place In Keerthibandarapura.  The place is a small restaurant that provides meals and accommodation to business people who travel to Badulla and Walapane area. He thoroughly enjoyed the views of mountains near by where he stayed. There were beautiful water streams and  tasteful meals. He often refer as noodle was his favorite food, which actually is “String Hoppers” made from rice flour and corn flour mix press through a mold. At Keerthibandarapura he had some string hoppers that’s he really liked. read more