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Mathurata Plantations Ltd. (MPL) is one of the largest tea producing companies in Sri Lanka and is world-renowned for superior quality tea managed by LOLC PLC is a memeber of ORIX Group a pioneer finance venture capital from Japan. MPL has been commercially growing, processing and packaging tea since 1870 and is acknowledged as producers of superior quality ‘Ceylon Tea’ sharing the honour with its sibling company Pussellawa Plantations Ltd. As one of the associate companies through Browns Investments, Mathurata Plantations Ltd. with Pussellawa Plantations Ltd. have jointly planted over 3.2 mn timber trees in an effort to combat global warming.

There are 975 hects. of land under forestry on 11 estates in up country and 08 estates in low country managed by MPL.

After careful study the species have been correctly selected which suites for the Up & Low Country regions as per climatic conditions, and Up country estates are planted with E-Grandis & E. Microcorys, while Low Country Estates are planted with SWITNNIA MACROPHYLLA (Mahogany), TECTONIA GRANDIS (Teak) and E-Grandis have been planted in Akuressa area. All these timber are at high demand, both in construction and Furniture Industries.

Shade trees that were planted includes Albizia & Gravillia, which too has a very good demand as a soft wood timber.

The progress of planting programme and income generated from the sale of timber during the last three years are given below.

Year 2008 2009 2010
Planting (No of plants) 102,036 271,832 279,828
Income(Rs Million) 2.6 17.7 15.3

Muthurata also close to Mandaram Nuwara.

Mandaram Nuwara is a beautiful little village situated in the foot hills of Piduruthalagala on the Walapane side. In fact from Mandaram Nuwara you can climb over Piduruthalagala Mountains and reach Nuwara Eliya (apparently there is a foot path to Nuwara-Eliya from Mandaram Nuwara).

 To reach Mandaram Nuwara, you have to go to Kandy and get in to Walapane bus.  Reach “Padiyapalella”, town 20 km from Walapane towards Kandy on b413. Few hundard meters after Padiyapelella town there is a road to right which goes to Mandaram Nuwara (This road ends at Mandaram nuwara as this is the last village boadering Piduruthalagala Forest Reserve) . Form Padiyapelella town there is a bus service operating to Mandaram Nuwara. The bus used to do just few turns a day but things might have improved by now.

This is one of the most beautiful areas I have ever visited. There are several beautiful water falls. The easiest to reach is the “kabaragala falls” in kabaragala estate on the way to Mandaram Nuwara few kilometers from Padiyapelella. There is a mini Hydro constructed below this waterfall.

Mandara Nuwara village extend up to some elevation on the mountains from the valley. We climbed all the way up to the boarder of the village high up in Piduruthalagal range and found a heavenly place to set up our camp. We also visited a waterfall called “Kolapothana Ella” at one of the far ends of the village.

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