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Kurunduoya Falls

Kurunduoya Falls

This waterfall starts from Kurundu River. The fall is high about 206m. This waterfall is very beautiful and very high. To access this water need to come Walapane and hike the Peace Pagoda Road about 2 Km. Piduruthalagala Mountain is much closed to Kurunduoya waterfalls. The waterfalls surrounded several tea plantations. The access is very rugged. Therefore, it has less visitor attraction.

Kurundu Oya waterfall is the second highest water fall of Sri Lanka. It is located few minutes walk from the Peace Pagoda Walapane near Walapane town. It’s origin is Kurundu Oya. Kurundu Oya river feed water in to the Mahaweli River. Due to its location, it has lesser tourist attraction. Reaching to bases of Kurundu Oya cascades is somewhat difficult. Kurundu Oya water fall is the tallest waterfall of Nuwaraeliya district and tallest waterfall related to Mahawali River.

Recently there was irrigation project initiated on the base of the waterfalls. Although this has not disturb the view, continuous support to maintain the waterfalls originality is vital for the future generations.

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