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Walapane Waterfalls

Walapane waterfalls are much loved attraction.

Kurundu Oya Falls

Kurundu Oya Falls is a beautiful waterfalls near by Walapane.

This waterfall starts from Kurundu River and is a very beautiful. To access this water need to come Walapane and hike the Peace Pagoda Road about 2 Km.

Andawela Falls

Another Waterfall in Walapane is Andawela falls. This waterfall located between Padiyapelalla and Walapane closer to the main road at Andathota area. It’s height is about 40m. It also acts as a seasonal waterfall and sometimes disappears during dry season.

Mahakandura Falls

This Water is visible to padiyapelella town. Mahakandura Falls is about 102m in hight and served by water from the Katukelle Estate (1200m). Below the fall is a canal network, constructed in 1888. It is a beautiful sight in the rainy season as lots of water cascade through to the base.

Garandi Ella

The name Garandi Ella is a common name. However, literature says Okandagala Ella which starts from Okandagala Mountain. This is a cascade with 4-5 parts. To get a full view of this waterfall you have to travel from Padiyapelalla to Walapane. Just after passing Padiyapelalla town full view of this cascade can be seen.

Manawela Falls

Near by town to Walapane another waterfall get our attention. Manawela Fall, 22m high, is located on the Ho Oya. It is at the extremity of the Uva basin. Historical stories indicate that the name came from the hermit-king Manawa (676 – 711 AD), So it was that the fall gained the name Manawela, which means “Waterway of Manawa”. King Manawa undertook this task to protect his treasure, which he hid in the rock face of the falls, behind the veil of water. Thereafter, in the roar of the falling water, it is believed, can be heard the whisper nidhanaya mahi tiyanawa, “the treasure lies hidden”.

Travel from Nuwara Eliya via Uda Pussellawa to Napola-bokka. And then proceed 2km in the direction of Loonuwatta. The waterfall lies close to the parking place at a distance of 200m.

These are few waterfalls in records. However, there are many other small and medium size waterfalls prominent during rainy season. Which also make the beautiful place to visit.

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