Beautiful Rural City In Sri Lanka

Ravana Site

During the emperor of Ravana Walapane used as an agricultural hub for the kingdom. There is a sight in Harasbedda village of Walapane used as King Ravana’s dairy farm. According to Ramayana “Nāga Gothra” a racial group lived in Ravana Era took the body of Ravana to the Walapane jungles. At Walapane jungles “Ragala” Nāga’s tried to save his life using herbs, failed to give him life. Afterwards his body mummified and kept in a mountain cave. The place is yet to discover as locals or visitors reluctant to visit the place due to inhabited deadly snakes.Streepura tunnel complex is most valuable and it may be along to Walapane, Dova temple and Ravana Ella area of Sri Lanka. No any researcher ever tried to identify the beauty and hidden story in this waterfall.

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