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Lihiniyagala Raja Maha Temple

Lihiniyagala temple located close proximity to the town of Walapane. The temple exist since the administrative period of Empror King Dutugamunu 161-131 BC. Unknown sources says the temple was used by “Theraputhabhaya” one of the giants of great Sri Lankan King Dutugamunu. The King Dutugamunu had 10 of them. According to Amazin Lanka this Cave Temple is about 46 metres in length, 3.7 metres in depth.The temple lies in a large cave, about 150 feet in length and 12 feet in depth. There historical paints covered in the inner walls of the cave. There is also a wooden door with cavings. Lihiniyagala temple arts and carvings decorated with Kandyan era paintings and architecture.

This temple is located in the area of ​​the garden of the Walapane Lamasuriya. According to the “Vedda’s” painting, this is the city of Cv. The time period from 06 – 05 belongs to. This cave is known as “drove” in long-length. It is 155 feet long, 12 feet wide and 14 feet high. There are three caves found in the dripping hole, and “Jathaka” stories of the Kandyan era, “Dhamma” alias, ‘Suvisi” commentary and ancient frescoes representing the rituals are also found here. There is also a historically made stone column. It is believed that Therapuththa Thero was stayed at that place where the temple was built. One of the ten giants of king Kavantissa, Therapuththabhaya, was believed to have worked in this cave temple. A 200-year old mansion can also be seen. Below this cave is a word that has six letters in brackets, which means that the name of the cave is mentioned.

(Walapane history, Sirisena Devapri, 2015 – Deepani printers)

It is believed that this name was derived from the name of Lihiniyagala-Lihiniyen cave and a lot of Lihini birds.

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