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Kadadora Raja Maha Temple

Kadadora Raja Maha Viharaya

This temple is situated in the Pallegama Paha Korale, Walapane. It was called Kasagala. When King Walagamba learned that a thousand talismans were taking care of the Arahaths, King Walagamba visited the temple and built a temple and a three-storied charm. The “Stupa” is mentioned in the “Mandaramnuwara Book” the king Buwanekabahu was later rebuilt this temple.

Further, the King Buwanekabahu-v, King Wickramabahu, and King Jayawira were shining at this temple. When the first King Rajasinghe Seethawaka -1 abandoned the Buddhist religion and worshiped Shiva, the temple was again destroyed. After that it was rebuilt by King Vimaladharmasuriya- I. The great stylist, “Samadi” statue, and the fortunate 18-year-old cousin and two previous ones have been stationed, and mural paintings such as Saman, Vishnu, Kataragama etc. also have been made. There are two ancient “Bodhi” trees hoods still preserved and 40 feet high pavilion, a three-storey house, a column of pillars and an old “Sanghawasa” also be able to visit.

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