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Sri Lanka is diverse country in terms of bio diversity, history, culture, sandy beaches and tropical weather. Discover the diversity and beauty of Walapane by visiting right by the mountains, temples, tea plantation, wildflowers, wildlife or in nearby towns with stunning backdrops. Mountains full of vegetation, campgrounds, waterfalls, hiking, cycle tracks offer a place to spend quality time with family, friends and a place to relax, recharge and refresh in the tranquil bush surroundings. Visiting Walapane is suit relaxing laid back country mood and style. Things to do in Walapane, Sri Lanka is truly a unique adventure.

Walapane Tea Plantation

Walk, run, ride and hike on bush trails in the Walapane surrounded by unexpected local wildlife, rising misty panoramas and crystal clear cool waters. Take up the challenge to cycle up the Walapane high country mountains or simply enjoy meandering rides between small towns passing tea plantations, paddy fields, vegetable farms and rural life style. It’s always the right time to visit stunning Walapane.

If you wish to explore the city, start from Japanese peace Pagoda near the Walapane town. 4×4 will be an advantage to visit all the places. When you reach Walapane you can see the temple on a higher mountain. Locals will help you to direct the route starts from Walapane Ragala Road. To be more adventurous you can climb or hike to the Peace Pagoda instead of driving. Once reached to the top of the mountain enjoy the peace of the temple, you will amaze with magnificence at the scenic mountain tops, Villages, Walapane Town, Paddy fields and Tea plantations. You can then follow the trail to Kurundu Oya Falls, Sri Lanka’s Second highest waterfall. Due to lack of infrastructure this waterfall is not famous among tourists. However, the views and beauty delivers is charming and breath-taking. Dare to deviate near Kurundu Oya Falls and hike the mountain to the top to Marvel at the scenic majesty of the surrounding. You could also start a mountain hike from this point to Sri Lanka’s highest mountain top Pidurutalagala.

Walapane Japanese Peace Pagoda

From Walapne town head toward Ragala enjoying the Tea plantation & factories or travel to Rupaha village to visit the famous blue marble, a serpentine rock named “Garandugala”. On the way to Garandugala don’t forget to stop by at Harasbedda where King Ravana’s dairy farm sight. From there head to Udapussellawa, a pretty tea town with old fashioned tea houses and dotted tea factories. You need to stay at least a day in Uda pussellawa to discover the amazing amidst forests with tea estates, rivers, waterfalls that take you to a true natural beauty.

Walapane Tea Factory

You can then head to Randenigala reservoir. The road covered by wildlife on one side and beautiful blue reservoir from other side. If you lucky enough during the evening time you can see wild elephants coming to the reservoir, the numbers are very law as not many elephants left in the sanctuary. Please beware it is dangerous to travel your self contact wild life officers. You could then head to Lihiniyagala Temple, 20km from the Randenigala Dam on Mahaweli Raja Mawatha towards Kandy, which exist from 161-131 BC. This Cave Temple is about 46 metres in length, 3.7 metres in depth.The temple lies in a large cave, about 150 feet in length and 12 feet in depth. There historical paints covered in the inner walls of the cave.

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