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A Trip to the Second highest waterfall Kurundu Oya falls

Travel Date – 10 September 2013

Niroshan is a university student at University of Peradeniya. He and his friends visited the Walapane area. Below is their story.

The road is mortarable till you meet the foot pathways to bases of the cascade. Therefore you can easily capture the both parts of the waterfall without going down. Road condition is not that much bad and can go by three-wheeler and car.
Always clarify your way from locals as there are some junctions in this road.
Getting down to bases of upper and lower parts of Kurundu Oya fall is bit challengeable.
Need Leech protection. Not that much.
Better have attire due to Mana bushes and thorny bushes.
Foot pathway is steeply going down and has to use your “four wheel” in sometimes.
Although you reach bases of the cascade it is difficult to get into the waterfall. Because it is extremely slippery due to mud and moss. Don’t know the condition during dry season. Therefore better not to try to bath there.
Then better minimize your movements there.
Must carry a bottle of water for this climb. Although you reach the second highest waterfall of our country it is difficult to get drinking water.
Foot pathways may be less clear. Directions can be seen on trees and rocks on your way. Better have an attention on that.
There are alternative roads to approach this waterfall.
From Mahauvawatta
From highforest side
This is the second highest water fall of Sri Lanka. It is situated in Nuwareliya district closer to Walapane town. Actually it is a cascade with two parts. (May be three parts). It’s origin is Kurundu Oya. Kurundu Oya fall is the tallest waterfall of Nuwaraeliya district and tallest waterfall related to Mahawali River. As it is situated in a remote area it has lesser tourist attraction. Reaching to bases of Kurundu Oya cascades is somewhat difficult.

Niroshan and his friends spent previous day night at Ragala as there are no guests at Walapane. The group needed to start the journey as early as possible of the day. Because rain starts in the afternoon of these days and wanted to go back Colombo early.

After having our breakfast from Walapane, they walked back along the Ragala road to the entrance of Japanese peace pagoda. (About 500m)

Then the group climbed to the peace pagoda of Walapane. It was around 7.30am. The scenery back of us was fantastic. Then Niroshan and the group walked further to the Kurundu Oya trail which start from Peace Pagoda. Locals direct them to the correct trail as there were few of them. Once they start the journey on the trail about 200-300m came across another small foot pathway going down. (First one). It will bring you towards the base of lower cascade.

Initial part of this foot pathway may be clear but later you have to find your way towards the base.

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