Economic Units


Tea estates around Walapane alone produce 65,090 metric tons a year. According to the Sri Lankan government economic department reports the next largest product, Paddy, contributes 15,360 metric tons. There is also vegetable about 250 metric ton a year. Provincial Agricultural department conduct number of program to assit the agriculture industry in Walapane.

Manelwala Hydro Mini Power Plant

Manelwala Hydro Power plant Manelwala Hydro Power plant

Manelwala Hydropower (MHP) is a commercially operating mini hydro power plant supply electricity to the national grid using the water flow of Kurundu Oya river. It is acquired and managed by the Panasian Power Ltd, which has a contract with Ceylon Electricity Board to supply to national grid. Manelwala Hydropower plant located in Walapane Manelwala suburb. Using water channel and pipe line it direct Kurundu Oya water stream to the power plant. Current capacity of the power plant generate 4.4MW a year with plant factor of 40%.

Randenigala Project

Randenigala Project Randenigala Project

Randenigala is a modern hydropower and irrigation multi purpose project established in 1986 under the Mahaweli Hydro Power Complex in order to provide electricity, irrigation, infrastructure, settling farmer families, setting up of new villages, education, health and agriculture development and wildlife sactuary. It is also the reservoir with the largest storage capacity having a gross storage of 860 million cubic metres. The Project is based on Sri Lanka’s longest and biggest river Mahaweli and also the biggest river basin development project. The Randenigala power station’s main aim was to contribute electricity for the national grid using a conventional hydroelectric power plant.

Prior to the development it is Randenigala jungle along side with Mahaweli River. After the construction the dam and the reservoir named Randenigala, surrounding jungle protected as a wildlife sanctuary. Water reservoir at Randenigala has the largest storage capacity of about 860 million cubic metres. Features of the dam include 94 metres in height, 48 metres wide and 485 m long rock-fill dam across the Mahaweli river. Randenigala power station has the capacity of generating 126 MW using Francis turbines.

There are a number of islets within Randenigala which adds beauty to it. In addition, the Randenigala dam provides a spectacular view. It can be accessed from Raja Mawatha starting from Kandy or through Mahiyangana-Minipe Road.

The programme was originally planned for the implementation over a 35 year period. Under the 1977 Prime Minister J. R. Jayewardene, it was decided to accelerate the implementation of the Programme. German aided Randinigala project served almost 20 years and continuely do so for Sri Lankan community in years to come.