Kurundu Oya Hydro Power Project

The project is located in Walapane area and uses the water from river Kurundu Oya, the site present a head of 300m and a flow of 2 mc/s. The power plant has two equal Vertical Pelton turbines for a total power of 5.4 MW

Walapane turbine Kurundu Oya Hydro Power 1

Road Construction

Kandy – Walapane B413

Road 1 Road 2

The road from Kandy to Walapane  highway B413 via Hanguranketha completed and opened for public in 2015. Also it was extended to Ragala. The road is already widen and bulding the safe walls are underway. Sri Lankan government initiated road project will be upgraded as a national highway with two way traffic lanes, signs, safety barriers and lighting enabling faster and safer travel for commuters. The project is expected to finish by 2015.Upgrade of the National Highway Network is managed by Road Development Authority (RDA) to meet the expectations of all stakeholders and to make the Road Development Authority an institution of multidisciplinary excellence in Highway Engineering. The Kandy to Walapane road contruction funded by foreign investements.The government has allocated Rs. 7,307 million to widen and upgrade the B413 Tennekumbura – Rikiligaskada – Ragala road.The B413 road from the Kanda Handiya to Nuwara Eliya via Hagurankethe, Rikillagaskada, Walapane and Ragala a distance of 53.4 km will be widened and developed under this project. The project would improve connectivity to the Central and Uva Provinces, while upgrading road safety.

The upgrade of the road network in the region would help farmers transport their products to markets on time, accelerate export-led growth and contribute to sustained economic development.

Furthermore, this road would also greatly benefit the tourism industry, in both Central and Uva Provinces.

Nuwara Eliya – Udapussellawa B332

Walapane Udapussellawa Road Walapane Kandy Road

Udapussellawa to Nuwara Eliya Road via Ragala upgrade has been completed. This road would also greatly benefit the tourism industry, in both Nuwara Eliya and Badulla Districts.

B648 Udapussellawa-Welimada Rd

Under the Maga Neguma project Walimada Udapussellawa B648 road has been upgraded.

Central Provincial Council developments

Following roads are under construction with Central Provincial Council programs.
Dambagolla to Nildandahinna, Ilukpathana to Dambagolla, Udapussellawa to Ilukpathana, Brookside to High Forest Tea Factory Junction.

Udapussellawa Nildandahinna Wathumulla Road

Completed road has been open for public now.

Rehabilitation of Nildandahinna Hegama road started in 2011 ongoing project along with B413 development.

Brookside Mahakudugala High Forest Road also completed.

Harasbedda Mini Hydro Power Station

Survey activities are underway to build a second mini hydro power projet in Walapane.

Gama Naguma

Various projects are undergoing in Walapane Divisional Secretariat under the Gama Naguma Project. Under this project many roots in the divisional secretariat are concreted or carpeted and bidges were bult to improve the infrastructure.

Housing Village – Janasevana

Houses to be constructed for people in Walapane and Naranthalawa area. The project goals are to providing better housing for rural community establish common amenities and infrastructure facilities.

Social Welfare & Probation Office

Constructing of Probation Office at Walapane underway at Walapane regional hospital. Manage and overseas by Nuwara Eliya District health department.

targets of the Probation office includes:

1. Provide Infrastructure facilities for all Elders Home in the central Province and improve the Service of the Elders Home
2. Conduct an eye clinic for low income generation in each divisional secretarial in the province
3. Conduct Special Programmes for elders disables and young generations to minimize the social problems
4.Construct a new building for girls victims
5.Provide training for empower institutionalized children’s
6.Development of regional office and children’s homes
7.Conduct skill development programme for children’s
8.fulfill the training requirements of the officer’s

Ragala Pola Construction Subproject

Ragala is an emerging town within the Walapane PS, which can be considered a primary town of the Walapane pradeshiya sabha area. A land has allocated in the heart of the town, very close to the Ragala bus stand for construction of a pola. The proposed building will be in two stories with 30 stalls in the ground floor and another 30 stalls in the first floor. The ground floor will be laid in two deferent elevations. Towards the bus stand side, in the same elevation if the bus stand, a row of pola stalls (6 stalls) will be constructed. The rest of the ground floor will be in the high ground which is 4 m higher in elevation than the bus stand area. There will be fourteen stalls in the ground floor and in the first floor, there will be twenty stalls. Other utility facilities such as water supply, toilets, electricity also will be provided. An access road is to be constructed in a width of 3 m and to a length of 25 m. Constructions are expected to finish soon. Once the constructions are finished The Walapane pradeshiya sabha is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the facility.

Ragala Small Town Development

There is a project undergoing to develop a Library and Auditorium building with daycare facilities in Ragala town. which will benefits young parents to about 10,900 children between ages 0 – 5 years.

Rupaha Technological Laboratory

A new Technological laboratory, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, such as a science laboratory, mathematics laboratory, language laboratory, distance education unit and an information and communication laboratory.

“The government initiated technical laboratories program to develop 1,000 secondary schools with modern amenities to provide equal educational opportunities and facilities for children in all areas.

New Auditorium in Walapane

Foundation stone has been put for a new Auditorium for Walapane. It is located at Highforest Road.

Public Playground Nildandahinna

Nildandahinna public play ground is currently developing as a major play ground in Walapane area. This will facilitate many athlete  and sports in the region. Project cost is estimated to Rs. 21,744,850.00. It is expected to finished in months.

New Reading Centre

New reading centre has been open at Alakolawewa village in Walapane. Sisunene Pubuduwa