Education Sector

Walapane Vocational Training Centre

The training centre located in Walapane divisional secretariat bulding. Walapane Vocational Training Centre provides training courses such as ICT Technician, Automobile Machanic, Computer Application Assistant, Carpenter (Furniture), PC Based Application(Part Time), Welder and Wood Craftsman (Furniture).

National Youth Coop

Nationa Youth Coop is located in Harassbedda. It provide training program for school leavers. Program includes Beautician, Hair Stylist.


The Government of Sri Lanka in initiative to establish ICT educated with the aim of
• strengthening the democratic processes in the country,
• the advancement of the peace process,
• improving the quality of life of the people, and
• enhancing the social and economic development

Walapane Nenasala location included;

Public Library Walapane – Walapane Pradesiya Sabhawa, Walapane 22270, 052-2279410
Sri Saripuththa Temple – Ragala, 052-2265333
Wijitha Awamangalyadara Samithiya – Sri Nawakaramaya, Helagama, Madulla, Udupussellawa, 060-2531663
Uththarama Rajama Temple – Ebulapaha, Rupaha


Major schools include
Batagolla Pussadeva Secondary College
Sri Sumangala National College
Ragala Central College Halgranoya
Ragala Tamil College