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Unfamiliar Cascades of Walapane area

Travel Dates – 11 August 2013 – 12 August 2013

From Niroshan.

Padiyapelalla is a small town you will come across on your way to Walapane from Kandy via Hanguranketha.

Nuroshan visited Padiyapelalla, Mandaram Nuwara and Andawela. You will come across following cascades on your way to Mandaram Nuwara.

  1. Kabaragala Cascade
  2. Seethalakanda Cascade
  3. Ethinawala Cascade
  4. Okandagala Cascade/ Gerandi Cascade is a seasonal waterfall in most of the time
  5. Mahakandura Cascade -most probably
  6. Three unnamed waterfalls

Mandaram Nuwara is a small town situated closer to the north border of the Piduruthalagala mountain range. Niroshan traveled from Padiyapelalla to Good wood (another small village is situated beyond Mandaram Nuwara).

Kabaragala cascades 

Kabaragala cascades are situated at Elamulla area. Locals are used to call Kabaragala waterfalls for all the waterfalls found in this area. But correct Kabaragala waterfall is situated behind the Elamulla hydropower house. Kabaragala waterfall is situated right behind the power house. Although it is mention, need written permission to visit at powerhouse, actually no need. Just talk to plant officer or plant operator to go through the powerhouse area to visit at waterfall. If you need they may show the Hydropower plant as well.

Following Kabaragala waterfall we needed to visit at Seethalakanda waterfall which is situated above Kabaragala waterfall. Kabaragala hydropower house is operated by water from this waterfall. Although literature tells it as Seethalakanda waterfall, locals use Kabaragala waterfall for this as well.

Seethalakanda Waterfall

This is one of a beautiful waterfall Niroshan visited. You have to climb about 1-1.5km from Kabaragala waterfall to reach Seethalakanda waterfall. The trail starts from the left side of the pathway towards the Kabaragala waterfall. It follows the giant tube which carries water towards the hydropower plant. Climbing of this trail is also a wonderful experience.

Mahakandura Ella 

This is one of my retrospective imaginations. Literature says about a waterfall which has a height of 102m (13th highest waterfall of Sri Lanka) and it is situated close to Elamulla as Mahakandura Ella. This waterfall is also a seasonal waterfall. It actively appears during rainy season. During my first visit to Mandaram Nuwara He couldn’t notice such a high waterfall. But during the second visit to Padiyapelalla he has seen a waterfall somewhat closer to Garandi Ella/ Okandagala fall. According to the description in the book and it’s height, can be identified as the Mahakandura Ella.

On the way back to Padiyapelalla from Elamulla, Niroshan have noticed another unnamed waterfall at Nugayaya area. It flows under the bridge. If you need a full view, you have to under the bridge. But I didn’t try it.

These two waterfalls are situated closer to Padiyapelalla. But we were unable to reach bases of these waterfalls. Therefore couldn’t take full view of them.

Atupola falls 1
You have to travel to Ukuthale village from Padiyapelalla. The road is motorable to some extent. Here after you have to climb stairs of the foot pathway through houses of villagers. They will direct you to Atupola fall 1. On our way we could capture both Garandi Ella/ Okandagala falls and Mahakandura Ella in one view.

To get a full view of this waterfall you have to go along the water stream which is in right angle to the waterfall. But two villagers advised us to not to go along it as it is slippery due to rain.
Therefore we had to give up the idea of get a full view.

Then we crossed the Ukuthale Oya and walked through paddy fields to reach Mathurata  town.

The same Ukuthale Oya flows along the Padiyapelalla town and makes Atupola Falls 2.

Atupola falls 2

This waterfall can be seen from above over the bridge closer to petrol shed in Padiyapelalla town along Walapane road. To get a side view, you have to go through the road towards Navodya School Padiyapelalla. Even in that road also you can’t get a full view. We tried to go to the base of the waterfall. But it was unsuccessful.

The last cascade in this journey was Andawala falls.

Andawala falls
This waterfall is situated in between Padiyapelalla and Walapane closer to the main road at Andathota area. It’s height is about 40m. It also acts as a seasonal waterfall and sometimes disappears during dry season.

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